Exploring the living cell and organelles which make it work.

  • Why is Balance Important?

    Ecosystems tend to have cycles that change around a state of equilibrium that can change when climate changes, when one or more new species appear as a result of immigration or when one or more species disappear.

  • How Do We Affect Equilibrium?

    Describe ways that human activities can change the equilibrium in ecosystems. Explain how changes in technology can cause significant changes, either positive or negative, in environmental quality and carrying capacity. Describe ways that human activity can alter geological and chemical cycles as well as food webs and energy pyramids.

  • How Are We Using Natural Resources?

    Explain how getting and using resources, urban growth and waste disposal can increase natural change and impact the quality of life. The use of resources at local, state, regional, national, and global levels have affected the quality of life in terms of energy production, global warming, depletion of resources and exponential population growth.

  • How Does the Planet Work Together?

    Explain how Earth has a hydrosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere and that they all interact with each other. The carbon cycle drives several relationships and is the main factor behind climate change.

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