Classroom activities centered around reviewing units or entire subjects

Science Taboo

Science Taboo is played by having a clue-giver try to have their team guess the secret word. They can describe the word but cannot use any of the “Taboo” words that are on the game card. Also, clue-givers cannot say, “Rhymes with …”, “Starts with a …”, etc. More importantly, if the clue-giver uses any part of the “Taboo” words or if they use any part of the secret word, then they lose their turn. You gain one point by guessing the word within one minute. To make game cards:

  1. Write down a secret word to be guessed.
  2. Below the secret word, write down 4 “Taboo” words that you think would be the most common when explaining the secret word.

Science Jeopardy

Science Jeopardy! is pretty simple. The players are given an answer and have to come up with the question that matches this answer. Answers must be very specific, or you will be able to come up with more than one question. For example:

Answer: “This is the capital of Ohio.”

Question: “What is Columbus?”

  1. Write down an answer.
  2. Write its question.
  3. Suggest a point value for this question, from 1 – 10, 10 being the hardest.

Science Pictionary

Science Pictionary is just like the board game. The idea is that you are given a thing, idea or concept to draw, and your teammates have to guess what you are drawing. You cannot talk, use numbers, letters or symbols, and you can’t play charades when you are drawing. You can write down any parts of the thing, idea or concept that your teammates guess.

  1. Write down a concept to be drawn.
  2. Give a sample drawing so that everyone knows that it can be drawn!

Alphabet Summary

  1. What is the topic that you are summarizing?
  2. What letter were you given?
  3. Come up with one word starting with the letter given that relates to the topic being discussed.
  4. Share your word with the class.

Individual Goal Setting

  1. Write the previous unit name.
  2. What did you do well in the previous unit? (2 – 3 complete sentences, be specific)
  3. What could you have done better? (2 – 3 complete sentences, be specific)
  4. Write the new unit name.
  5. What are your goals for this unit? (List at least 3)
  6. How will these goals help you be successful in this class, in school, and/or in life?