Class policies for the course

Attendance & Behavior Policy

1 point / day - Show up before the bell rings, in dress code with your ID
0 points / day
  • Unexcused tardy, OR
  • Unexcused absent, OR
  • Discipline problem
  • Excused tardy OR
  • Excused absent

Grading Scale

  • Classwork and homework may be handed in as many times as necessary in order to receive a 2
  • Quizzes receive a grade of 2 if they are complete, 0 if they are incomplete (3 if they are 100%)
3 points WOW: Makes me think or say, “Wow!”
2 points Meets Expectations: Answers are correct or corrected
1 point Incomplete: One or more answers are incorrect
0 points Unacceptable: Less than half of the assignment was attempted

Homework Policy

  • One week will be given to complete all homework assignments
  • Assignments will be posted on the day they are given
  • Homework will not be accepted late except in the case of excused absences, when it is due the first day back from an excused absence
  • Extra credit is given for complete and correct homework that is turned in early: ½ point for every school day early, up to 2 total points extra credit

How I Calculate Your Grade

Criteria %age Student 1: 91% (A) Student 2: 79% (C) Student 3: 58% (F)
Attendance & Behavior 30% 100% 100% 100%
Classwork 30% 90% 90% 50%
Homework 30% 80% 40% 10%
Quizzes 10% 100% 100% 100%


  • The number one rule is RESPECT: for the classroom and contents, for the teacher, for other students, and most importantly, respect for yourself!
  • You must arrive in nicely arranged dress code and have your ID visible around your neck
  • One person speaks at a time in any group (a group of four, a pair, the entire class); you are expected to listen when you are not speaking
  • Follow the district cell phone policy, no exceptions