The tri-fold must be typed – nothing handwritten will be accepted!  Below, you see an example of a tri-fold for a science fair.
Sample Tri-Fold
You already have most of this information:

Component of Tri-Fold Content (Fill this in!)
Research QuestionThe question you are trying to answer with this project
HypothesisWhat you thought was going to happen and why. Explain the relationship between your independent and dependent variables.
Procedure & EquipmentList the materials you used and the steps that you followed to do your experiment
Data & AnalysisInclude all of your data (results), both qualitative and quantitative. Additionally, include all of your final analysis. Include any pictures or drawings that help to illustrate your data.
ConclusionsExplain how the data and analysis answered your original question. Include whether or not your hypothesis was supported and why. Explain the final relationship between your independent and dependent variables.
ReferencesInclude your research in this section. Make sure to include sources for all of the information that you found, including anything that you used at any point for your experiment.
PicturesFind, develop or create 2-3 drawings or pictures that help explain your project. Include these pictures in the “Procedures & Equipment” or “Data & Analysis” sections.
Design & ColorsHow will the layout look?  Will you use white paper with a certain colored background?  Plan out exactly how your tri-fold will look.


  • Use large type so that it is easy to read from a few feet away (on the computer, at least 16-point font is best).
  • The title should be large and summarized so that it can be easily read from across the room.

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