Questions & Materials

Name Question Materials Needed
Shanell Do people in the same family have the same personality type? None
Lizzy Which helps the sunflower plant grow faster and taller: increasing the amount of fertilizer or increasing the amount of water? Sunflower seeds
Ant’senee How does the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere affect how rapidly trees grow? Large piece of styrofoam, tree sapling, vinegar, dowels, clear plastic
Joseph How well can you concentrate while being dizzy? 20 tennis balls
Dernae’ How does a person’s personality affect their response to fear? Oxygen monitor
Gabby Does it use more energy when your phone is on ringer or on vibrate? None
Meeco Will an ant, potato bug, common black ground beetle, or a worm find its way through a maze faster? None
Talica If I teach some people a made-up subject, will it affect their memory and emotion? Digital camera, printouts
Larissa What effect will the Stroop effect have on different age groups? Markers
Tyree Will water temperature affect the refraction of light? See me!
Kalynn Do children from small families or large families do better in school? None
Adrianna How does tire pressure affect rolling resistance on smooth and bumpy surfaces? Bicycle, 5g weight, rubber band, tube
Kevin Do people who watch more TV consume more calories than others who don’t? None
Diamond Does reciting different combinations of letters to a person while listening to rap music affect memory? Calculator
Kaelyn Does brand or labeling on a product affect choices in children? Graham crackers, juice boxes, apple juice, chips, cookies, stopwatch
Sha’Lynn What are the differences in personalities between my friends and my family? None
Kaitlynn When a plastic container is in the microwave, how much plastic is released (measured by dioxins)? Glass bowl, ceramic bowl, plastic bowl
Ben Does heat affect how high a rubber ball bounces? Not submitted
Ramirez Does a parent’s age affect the learning of students with tasks like drawing, reading and their GPA? Not submitted
Tyrell Would it be easier for people to understand a certain lesson if they blocked everything out and just watched the teacher? Not submitted
Anthony Does food with high levels starch affect performance in a sport? Not submitted
Malik How does a pre-game meal affect your performance as an athlete? Not submitted
Tre’Von H. Does music have an effect on animal behavior? Not submitted
Brittany What types of rot attract bugs: what bugs and species of bug do they attract and where should the rotting food be placed? Not submitted
Tre’Von S. Which type of music affects a plant for the better: hip-hop or classical? Not submitted
Qwa Jun Does the size of your calf muscles determine how fast you can run? Not submitted
Priscilla Whose minds work faster and more accurately with words and numbers: boys or girls? Not submitted
Dionne What is the relationship between amount of sleep at night and the ability to complete a task? Not submitted
Zach Does hot or cold weather affect the growth of mold? Not submitted
Michelle Does Kaboom clean off soap scum better than Alsome? Not submitted
Josh Which spice repels ants the best? Not submitted

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