Science Fair: Presentation

You will prepare a PowerPoint,,, or any other approved presentation to go along with your final presentation.  The presentation should have at least the following information:

  1. Introduction
    1. Title of Project
    2. Your Name
    3. Period & Subject
  2. My Question
    1. The question you asked
    2. Why you chose this question
    3. Why this is relevant to your audience
  3. Research
    1. Identify at least three pieces of important information in your research and the sources
  4. Hypothesis
    1. The hypothesis for your experiment
    2. Why you thought this was a reasonable hypothesis
  5. Materials & Methods
    1. What materials you needed in order to perform the experiment
    2. What procedures you followed in order to perform the experiment
  6. Data
    1. The qualitative results of the experiment
    2. The quantitative data represented in tables, charts or graphs
  7. Analysis
    1. Interpret what the data means
    2. How the data either supported or did not support the hypothesis
    3. How you could change the experiment to test your hypothesis better than it did
  8. Errors
    1. Anything that went wrong, or could have gone wrong, during your research or experiment
    2. Anything that you learned about how to perform experiments
  9. Conclusions
    1. Conclusions that you were able to come to about the answer to your question
    2. Questions that you still have

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