Earth Science
A. Stars and Planets
B. Earth's systems
C. Earth's history
D. Earth's resources
E. Earth's processes
F. Historical development
Life Science
A. Cells
B. Characteristics of Life
C. Genetics
D. Flow of energy and matter
E. Evolutionary Relationships
F. Ecosystems
G. Human Activities
H. Biological evolution
I. Natural Selection
J. Historical Developments
Physical Science
A. Atoms
B. Reactions
C. Physical properties
D. Newton's Laws
E. Kinetic and Potential Energy
F. Conservation of Energy
G. Waves
H. Historical developments
    Science & Technology
    A. Society
    B. Science and Technology
    Scientific Inquiry
    A. Inquiry
    Scientific Ways of Knowing
    A. Knowledge based on evidence
    B. Observations and questions
    C. Ethics
    D. Scientific Literacy